Sculpting Courses

Stone Sculpting

Working with the local Peccia marble has always been the main focus of our school. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced student or a professional sculptor, you will find a course that suits your own individual needs. You will derive great pleasure from working with the wonderful and pure Peccia marble.

Sculpting course "warm - up"
Sculpting course for beginners
Basic skills
Sculpting for advanced students II

Wood Sculpting

Wood sculpting with a power saw is the absolute trend-setter!
Imagine yourself at the start of the course: men and women in protective masks looking at twelve wood trunks lying on the work site, wood which they will soon transform into unique sculptures. It is possible!

Wood sculpting for beginners
Wood sculpting

Metalwork Courses

Metal is another classic material which we enjoy using in our courses. Welding techniques can easily be learnt with the appropriate tools. The forging and hardening of tools gives much pleasure, and metal casting can be a lot of fun.

Metal casting
Welding techniques